Our temperature stabilized HOSTAPHAN® types are optimized for higher temperature loads for example roasting bags.

Temperature stable HOSTAPHAN® polyester films

At high temperatures, such as in conventional ovens, various degradation processes take place, causing conventional boPET films to become brittle within a short time.

Our temperature stable HOSTAPHAN® films types have been optimised for high temperature applications.

The products in this range are divided into two types of applications:

1. The boPET film is exposed to a very high temperature, up to 220° for time periods for up to a couple hours. This temperature is only a little below the melting point of PET. For these exposures, HOSTAPHAN® RBB und RHST are the products of choice.

2. If the film is subject to a lesser thermal stress, but for much longer periods on the order of years, we can offer HOSTAPHAN® WIN, with its improved lifetime.

Typical applications for temperature stable HOSTAPHAN® polyester films:
  • films for ovenable applications, such as roasting or baking
  • electrical insulation

HOSTAPHAN® RBB – Transparent, temperature stable polyester film

HOSTAPHAN® RBB withstands the high temperatures in conventional ovens and is suitable for ovenable uses such as roasting or baking. It withstands a temperature of 220° C for up to 2 hours. To ensure that cooked food is completely safe to eat, HOSTAPHAN® RBB does not contain any antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) at all. This film type can be processed and welded easily. It is approved for food contact in the EU and the US.

Thickness range in µm: 12

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® RHST – Heat sealable, temperature stable polyester film

HOSTAPHAN® RHST is also stable for temperatures to 220° C for up to 2 hours. In addition, one side is heat sealable (to itself, A-PET and C-PET). The seal is a weld seal, not peelable. It is approved for food contact in the EU and the US.

Thickness range in µm: 15, 20, 30

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® WIN EHB – White, long-term stable thermally stable polyester film

Developed for the requirements of the photovoltaic market, HOSTAPHAN® WIN EHB provides particularly high UV resistance, good hydrolysis resistance and optimized long-term thermal stability. With an UL-RTI value of 130° C, it lies well above the typical values achieved by polyesters (105° C). HOSTAPHAN® WIN EHB is thus suitable for applications where it can be exposed to high temperatures over long periods.

Thickness range in µm: 125, 175, 185, 250

Available with chemical pre-treatment for adhesion promotion.

Technical data sheet

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