Metal laminated film is, among other things, food-safe, scratch-resistant and printable.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for metal lamination

In metal lamination, biaxially drawn polyester films are used in various applications. We develop diverse film products for these applications and are an important supplier of this industry.

Metal laminated film is, among other things, food-safe, scratch-resistant and printable.Scratch-resistant coating of metal is also a viable option for kitchen appliances.

Customer driven developments result in a broad, innovative product portfolio encompassing these properties:
  • UV stability and UV barrier
  • sealing layers to adhere various materials
  • highly transparent, matte, white and coloured film types
  • diverse coatings, e.g. for optimal handling and processing the metal laminate
  • temperature stability
Important properties of HOSTAPHAN® films for metal lamination:
  • no bisphenol A (BPA)
  • suitable for food contact
  • no solvents
  • extremely high mechanical stability
  • improved scratch resistance in comparison to conventional material
  • high colour brilliance and smooth surface
  • excellent printability
  • very good chemical stability
  • high thermal resistance
  • good corrosion protection
  • pore free, the film forms a closed layer
  • highly stable in sterilisation
  • low migration
    • low metal uptake of the package contents
    • minimal aroma uptake of the film
Further, HOSTAPHAN® films for metal lamination are environmentally friendly:
  • halogen free
  • better thermal recovery (chlorine free)
  • replacement of solvent based lacquers
  • no formaldehyde
Typical applications:
  • building facades, inside and outside
  • cans for food industry and chemical and technical packaging
  • aerosol cans, valve disks
  • household appliances

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