High barrier films for example for coffee packaging

Barriers from HOSTAPHAN®-polyester film

Packaging serves to protect its content, to preserve its freshness and present it attractively. Foods deteriorate in various ways. Air, water vapour and other gases can intrude from outside and affect the product. Aromas and moisture can escape.

Biaxially oriented polyester films (boPET) are well-known for their good oxygen barrier and an essential part of packaging laminates. The laminate can be transparent, either with matt or glossy appearance. With a metallisation, the barrier can be further improved.

Past the common properties of boPET, we offer optimised solutions that expand the frontiers of boPET.

Typical applications of HOSTAPHAN® barrier films:
  • packaging / barrier packaging
  • VIP (vacuum insulation panels)
  • Bag-in-Box

HOSTAPHAN® RNK – High gloss, transparent polyester film

Our universal HOSTAPHAN® RNK is the prime choice when you want to utilize the advantages of a biaxially oriented PET film. It has an established track record in many duplex and triplex laminates (PE/PET or PE/ALU/PET) and improves the barrier of the laminate. In addition, it significantly improves the mechanical performance.

We also offer the film type with vapour deposited metal layer (metallised). This refining step further improves the barrier effect against oxygen, water vapour and aroma loss.

The film is approved for food contact.

Thickness range in µm: 6 to 75

Also available with chemical pre-treatment for adhesion promotion.

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® RHBY – Transparent polyester film with enhanced barrier

HOSTAPHAN® RHBY improves the barrier to oxygen and aromas versus conventional boPET films.

After vacuum deposition with transparent and flexible ceramic layers such as AlOx oder SiOx this film type achieves truly outstanding barrier values to water vapour, oxygen, other gases and aromas.

On request, we also supply HOSTAPHAN® RHBY with a vapour deposited metal layer.

Thickness range in µm: 12

Technical data sheet

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