HOSTAPHAN® findet vielfältige Anwendung im medizinischen Bereich.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for medical applications

Lifestyle diseases, shifts in the age pyramid and the associated age-related illnesses are only some of the drivers for numerous new developments in the medical sector. Materials such as oriented polyester films often play an important role.


Adherence to complex documentation and regulatory requirements, sound knowledge and experience in demanding applications, delivery consistency and a desire for long term cooperation are key aspects that distinguish HOSTAPHAN® as a high grade and recognised film in the market.

Properties of HOSTAPHAN® films:
  • broad thickness spectrum
  • different appearance (transparent, matte, opaque)
  • mechanical stability
  • purity of HOSTAPHAN® films, few additives
  • good migration and permeation behaviour
  • variant with hydrophilic surface, very low contact angle
Typical applications:
  • diagnostics (e.g. diagnosis or blood clotting strips)
  • capillary in diagnostic strips
  • transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS)
  • electrodes
  • membranes
  • face shields
  • dialysis and infusion bags

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