Film packaging is ideal for packaging food safely and in a way that is optimized for the application.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for oven use

For the preparation of food in the oven, ovenable bags must withstand demanding conditions. An oven temperature over 200° C will melt most plastics. Even standard PET is challenged by these temperatures, even though it does not melt, and subject to degradation mechanisms like thermal oxidation.

In roasting and baking applications, the food is in contact with the ovenable film for long periods at high temperature. Thus, it is important that the film does not contain harmful substances that could leach into the food.

banner_einsatz_verpackung_bratbeutel-1We offer special, temperature stable HOSTAPHAN® films that do not contain antimony (antimony trioxide, Sb2O3) or other harmful substances. They process well and even withstand temperatures of 220° C in oven roasting and baking.


HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for cooking- and roasting bag applications offer the following advantages.
  • compliance work complete, no further migration testing needed
  • no migration of antimony into the food, since none is present
  • no health hazard for consumers
  • environmentally friendly, as no antimony is emitted during energy recovery

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