Film for a variety of colors and scratch resistance on furniture.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for furniture surfaces

In today’s furniture market, polyester films have taken root besides numerous other materials such as lacquers, veneers, glass or real wood. Appearance plays a decisive role here. Whether with high gloss or matte surfaces, HOSTAPHAN® furniture films are used in many areas.

Limitless design possibilities in terms of color and function with HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> furniture films.In addition to the optics, it is also ideal protection for furniture with HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> furniture films.Depending on the production process, different HOSTAPHAN® types are used. The fields of application range from furniture surface film to process and transfer film. We develop a variety of film types for these applications and are an important and innovative supplier of the furniture industry.

Joint developments with our customers result in a very broad and innovative product portfolio that covers these properties:
  • highly transparent, matte, white and coloured film types
  • broad thickness spectrum
  • various adhesion promoters for lacquers and adhesives
  • sealing layers to adhere to various materials, e.g. PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • web widths up to 4.20 meters
Important properties for HOSTAPHAN® films for furniture applications:
  • high thermal stability
  • very high mechanical stability
  • improved scratch resistance in comparison to conventional material
  • high colour brilliance and smooth surface
  • excellent printability
  • very good chemical stability
  • pore free, the film forms a closed layer
  • no solvents
Further, HOSTAPHAN® films for metal lamination are environmentally friendly:
  • halogen free
  • better thermal recovery (chlorine free)
  • replacement of solvent based lacquers
  • no formaldehyde
Typical applications:
  • lamination of coated and uncoated panels
  • coating of decor papers
  • imparting surface structure, e.g. for UV lacquers in liquid coating processes
  • process film in furniture presses

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