Phtalat- und lösungsmittelfreie Dehnfolie eignet sich optimal für die Verpackung von Lebensmitteln.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for hot stamping or embossing

The packaging of high value products, such as perfume or spirits, should highlight the value of the product. To achieve this, elaborate secondary packages with hot stamping or embossing with appealing effects are used. Due to their good mechanical and thermal stability, HOSTAPHAN® films are used as a carrier in the manufacturing process. Embossing, colour and metal layers are applied to the film, which then are transferred to the various packaging substrates. Also holograms can be applied by hot stamping processes.

HOSTAPHAN® offers these advantages as a carrier in hot stamping:
  • high mechanical strength
  • high temperature resistance
  • good ink adhesion
Typical applications:
  • high class folded boxes
  • labels
  • books and magazines
  • automotive trim
  • household / electronics, e.g. control panels
  • brand protection by holograms

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