For many applications it is necessary to use flame retardant materials for safety reasons.

Less flammable and flame retardant HOSTAPHAN® polyester films

Safety requirements in many applications dictate that low flammable materials be used. Standard plastics do not meet these requirements.

Our flame retardant „HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> Protective Films“ are provided with an efficient and halogen-free flame retardantThe flame retardant “HOSTAPHAN® Protective Films” incorporate an efficient, halogen-free flame retardant (PET is not intrinsically flame retardant). These films have various fire protection classes.

We expressly note that whenever “HOSTAPHAN® Protective Films” are be combined with other materials or articles, the burning behaviour of the final product depends on all components, their combination and the geometry. As unexpected interactions may occur, comprehensive suitability and safety testing on the final product are always absolutely essential.

Typical applications for flame retardant HOSTAPHAN® polyester films:
  • electrical insulation
  • wall coverings in trains, ships and aircraft
  • window blinds
  • adhesive tapes
  • labels
  • textiles
  • buildings and constructions

HOSTAPHAN® RNF – Extremely flame retardant, transparent polyester film

HOSTAPHAN® RNF is a highly transparent, glossy and halogen-free film.

Thickness range in µm: 175

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® RUF – Flame retardant, UV stable polyester film

The transparent film combines fire protection with UV stability.

Thickness range in µm: 19

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® GF – Flame retardant, glass clear polyester film

This glass clear, glossy film has excellent flame retardant properties.

Thickness range in µm: 100

Available with chemical pre-treatment for adhesion promotion.

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® MUFK – Flame retardant, UV stable, matte polyester film

HOSTAPHAN® MUFK is a matte polyester film, which exhibits both better weatherability than standard matte PET film and better behaviour in fires. It fulfils building material classes B1 and B2.

Thickness range in µm: 15

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® WUF – White, UV-stabile polyester film with improved burning characteristics

The flame propagation and burning time of Hostaphan® WUF is reduced in comparison to a standard white PET film. In addition, this product has improved UV stability.

Thickness range in µm: 30

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® BFO – Black polyester film with improved burning characteristics

This black film combines a high optical density with good burning characteristics. The requirements of flammability rating UL94 VTM-2 are met.

Thickness range in µm: 36, 50

Technical data sheet

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