Peelable HOSTAPHAN® polyester films

Many applications require that heat-sealable films can be removed manually, i.e. that they are peelable.

products_deckelfolien_peelbare-1Peelable HOSTAPHAN® films fulfil this requirement. They have been specially developed for the lidding of ready meals. Our peelable films are suitable for the chilled and frozen foods, as well as for heating in microwave and conventional ovens. In addition, they are sealable and peelable for polar substrates, such as A/C PET und APET and can self-vent for pressure equalisation during cooking.

Besides our peelable films, we also offer sealable HOSTAPHAN®films.

Typical applications for peelbare HOSTAPHAN® polyester films:
  • lids for trays containing
    • ready meals (chilled or frozen)
    • fruit
    • salads
  • slids for PET bottles.

HOSTAPHAN® RPSP – Easy peel polyester film

This transparent film is equipped with a heat sealable layer on one side. After sealing, it can be removed easily. HOSTAPHAN® RPSP is approved for food contact in the EU and the US.

Thickness range in µm: 19, 25

Technical data sheet

HOSTAPHAN® RPSM – Polyester film with higher peel strength

HOSTAPHAN® RPSM is sealable on one side and peels well off. The peel strength is on a medium level and higher than that of HOSTAPHAN® RPSP.

Laminates with HOSTAPHAN® RPSM can be used in sterilisation processes. The film is approved for food contact in the EU and the US.

Thickness range in µm: 19, 25, 40

Antifog treatment is available.

Technical data sheet

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