Phthalate-free and solvent-free stretch films are ideal for packaging food.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for separating and release applications

Release films serve as carrier materials in the manufacture of materials such as glass fibre reinforced sheets (GFK). The carrier is removed after processing. The surface structure of the film is transferred to the surface of the final product, defining its appearance. The film surface can be adjusted to be glossy or also matte. The film can be provided in widths up to 4.20 metres and, depending on the process, may be usable more than once.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets for example for roofs.Glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets, for example for truck bodies.

HOSTAPHAN® offers these advantages in release film applications:
  • high mechanical stability
  • temperature stability
  • chemical resistance
  • good separating properties
  • web widths up to 4.20 metres
Typical applications:
  • Fibre reinforced panels (GRP, GFK) for example for
    • truck bodies
    • roofing

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