Security threads in banknotes and holograms with HOSTAPHAN®.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for security applications

High demands are placed on banknotes. They must be durable and fulfil high security requirements. The demands are increasing steadily to ensure counterfeit protection.

The high mechanical strength of our HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> films is a prerequisite for the security threads.Holograms have a high level of protection against forgery and are integrated into banknotes, for example.

The security thread in banknotes serves to protect against simple colour copying. The high mechanical strength of HOSTAPHAN® films fulfils a requirement for security threads. Holograms provide additional counterfeit protection and are often integrated in the film strips in banknotes. In the manufacturing process itself, our HOSTAPHAN® films serve as process and carrier films for embossing, ink and metal layers that make up banknotes.

HOSTAPHAN® is qualified in many security applications and offers these advantages:
  • high mechanical strength
  • durability
  • consistent high quality
  • good ink adhesion
  • excellent printability
Typical applications:
  • security thread in banknotes
  • carrier film for holograms

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