Coatings for better adhesion promotion, optimal antistatic properties, higher release effect or better handling in the processing process.

Coatings for HOSTAPHAN® polyester films

To optimize the properties of polyester film for various applications, we can chemically modify its surface.

Coatings can serve to promote adhesion, improve antistatic performance, impart better release properties or to allow better handling in processing. Also the structure of the surface can be optimised through coatings.

Typical applications for coated HOSTAPHAN® polyester films:
  • food packaging
  • direct extrusion
  • process liner
  • release liner

Overview of our coatings

Release Coatings

  • 2PRK (silicone coating)
  • 2SLK (silicone coating)
  • SI63 (silicone coating)
  • 215 KN (silicone coating)
  • SIF1O (silicone coating with food approval in the EU)
  • NSR (silicone-free release coating)
  • Others (other coatings can act as releasee coatings in special applications as well)

Adhesion promoter

  • 2600/2660/4600/4660 (for enhanced adhesion of evaporated metals and for water based inks and coatings)
  • 2CSR/CSRE/CSRB (for enhanced adhesion for printing, coating and sterilization)
  • CT01/CT02 (for enhanced adhesion for solvent based inks and coatings)
  • HV5 (for UV-curable coatings as well as solvent based inks and coatings)
  • HV6 (for low migration UV-inks)
  • IAC (for Indigo printing inks)
  • 2DEG (for very high adhesion of evaporated metal layers)
  • SAO/SAI (for improved silicone adhesion)
  • EH (for improved EVA-adhesion)
  • RTP1 (for improved polyolefin adhesion (PE, PP))
  • UPA (for UV-cuarble coatings)

Antistatic treatments

  • AS02 (soft antistatic coating for improved processability)
  • ASE/ASO (soft antistatic coating with food contact approval)

Other coatings and treatments

  • 2DEF (for direct PE-extrusion)
  • AF (antifog treatment)
  • LUB (lubricant coating)
  • C (corona treatment)

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