Film packaging is ideal for packaging food safely and in a way that is optimized for the application.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for anti-slip applications

Some applications require a film with two different surfaces. Large sacks for packaging products such as animal food or planting soil need both glossy printed images and stable sack stacking. A smooth, anti-slip surface achieves this. For optimal web handling, a low coefficient of friction is advantageous, as provided by a rough surface. Our HOSTAPHAN® dual surface films fulfil both needs.

Specific friction properties can be perfectly adapted to customer requirements. Good stackability and printability as well as good handling by the end customer are possible with our films.

HOSTAPHAN® films for anti-slip applications deliver:
  • excellent printed images
  • good stackability
  • good web handling and processability
Typical applications:
  • large packaging sacks, for example for
    • animal food
    • planting soil

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