Beschichtungen zur besseren Haftvermittlung, optimale Antistatikeigenschaften, höhere Trennwirkung oder besseres Handling im Verarbeitungsprozess.

Your partner for Polyester films innovations

„Innovative power will become the key to competitiveness. Half of all the products that we want to sell in the next five years still have to be developed“

Karl Heinz Beckurts (1930-1986), physicist

The world of polyester film has changed dramatically in the last decades. Applications have become more diverse, specialized and demanding. We at Mitsubishi Polyester Film have been part of this development for over half a century. As the markets develop, so do our brands HOSTAPHAN® and DIAFOIL®, adapting to new requirements – your requirements.

It is our conviction that competitiveness and innovation go hand-in-hand and therefore we are continuously developing our specialty businesses. Whether through modifications of existing product or completely new developments, that give the polyester completely new characteristics. We do this with a customer focus. Because you know best what you need and how your market is developing.

We operate globally and have several R&D centres, from which we develop for the individual markets, but which also engage in technical exchange. Our technology allows developments in the thickness range 4 to 500 µm. Through co-extrusion technology, we can give the surfaces on either side of the film different characteristics. Coatings allow us to adjust the surface chemistry, either to achieve better adhesion or better release. Or we employ additives and polymer technology to adjust the properties of the PET on a more basic level.

Through our experience and analytical capability we can solve complex questions. Also after a product launch. Because for us, service is an important part of a customer relationship.

Are you looking for a special polyester film solution or do you have a task you would like us to take on? Contact us – we’re looking forward to your challenge.

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