Film packaging is ideal for packaging food safely and in a way that is optimized for the application.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for packaging

Food packaging is under constant development and plays an important role in food industry. Packaging protects the food from air, water vapour, other gases and mineral oil contamination and protects against loss of aroma.

Films for food packaging should keep food fresh and present the contents in a visually attractive way.Good design influences consumers’ purchase decisions. Packages should be appealing and if possible transparent. Thus, consumers can see what they are buying. Packaging is also an essential information carrier for the content and the brand, which requires good printability.

HOSTAPHAN® films are used in many duplex and triplex laminates (PE/PET or PE/ALU/PET) and improves the barrier properties and the mechanical stability of the laminate. Metallisation optimises the barrier further.

In the packaging sector, HOSTAPHAN® stands for:
  • no harmful antimony (antimony trioxide, Sb2O3)
  • good web handling
  • high mechanical strength
  • dimensional stability over a wide temperature range
  • hassle free surface treatment
  • high tear resistance
  • excellent adhesion and release characteristics
  • outstanding printability
  • moisture and solvent resistance
  • good barrier to oxygen and water vapour
HOSTAPHAN® offers a broad and innovative product portfolio:
  • various surface treatments for optimal adhesion of printing inks and other materials
  • antifog treatment
  • various appearances
  • sealable and peelable surfaces
  • dual surface options
Typical applications:
  • stand-up pouches
  • lidding
  • packaging for bulk solids
  • cardboard lamination
  • bag-in-box
  • coffee packaging
  • drink pouches
  • ready meals
  • labels

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