Acrylfolien “ACRYPLEN” TM

Acrylic Films "ACRYPLENTM"

ACRYPLENTM is an acrylic film developed, manufactured and supplied by MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION in Japan. ACRYPLENTM accomplished to solve the problem of brittle and easy breaking of a standard acrylic resin while keeping the optical characteristic of acrylic resin like the high transparency. The visible light transmission is 93%. Due to its high chemical resistance unwanted graffiti can be easily wiped off. The good weather resistance and high UV-protection of the film realize a long-term usage at outdoor applications. ACRYPLENTM films can be easily laminated on different substrates due to its good process ability and offers with a very wide color variation the usage in many different applications.


Construction Material

  • window profiles
  • front doors
  • exterior of buildings


Reflecting Sheeting (retro-reflective material)

  • guidance signs
  • traffic control signs



  • decorative surface sheets for interior/exterior of vehicles


This film is the clear standard type of our acrylic film series. Because of its high weather ability it is mainly used as construction material. The film has a high transparence and depth appearance.

Thickness range in µm: 53


ACRYPLENTM HBS027 is the high weather resistant matte type of our acrylic film series. Due to our special matting agent technology the surface has a soft and calm matte appearance.

Thickness range in µm: 50


ACRYPLENTM FBS007 is our high weather ability clear dual layer film (acrylic and fluorine-resin) type with extremely high chemical resistance.

Thickness range in µm: 50


This type is our standard clear film for decorative surface sheets in automotive applications. Its superior formability realizes lamination onto complicate shaped automotive parts and exhibits a high-class surface appearance.

Thickness range in µm: 75


ACRYPLENTM HBA007P is a ductile clear film for in-mold processing. It has superior formability as well and good handling property on processing (e.g. easy to trim).

Thickness range in µm: 75


That film is a high chemical resistant clear dual layer film (acrylic and fluorine-resin). It is used as overlay film for decorative automotive parts not only interior but exterior application.

Thickness range in µm: 75


For more Information please follow this link:

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation ACRYPLEN Webpage


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