Phthalate-free and solvent-free stretch films are ideal for packaging food.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for adhesive tapes

Over 100 years after the development of the first adhesive tape, many different plastic films are used today in the manufacture of tapes. Besides the affinity to the adhesive, there are many other requirements for the carrier material.

HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> polyester films for a wide variety of adhesive tape requirements.HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> polyester films for a wide variety of adhesive tape requirements.

The continuous development of our product portfolio and our optimized product properties provide a variety of HOSTAPHAN® types, that are suitable for use in adhesive tapes:

  • very transparent, matte, white and black film types
  • broad thickness spectrum
  • various adhesion promoting treatments
  • flame retardant and halogen free material (improved fire safety)


Important properties of HOSTAPHAN® films for adhesive tapes are:
  • high thermal stability
  • very high mechanical stability
  • excellent printability
  • very good chemical resistance
Typical applications:
  • insulating and electrical adhesive tapes
  • double-sided adhesive tapes
  • adhesive tapes for paper and film industry
  • flame retardant adhesive tapes
  • flexible flat cables (FFC)
  • flexible printed circuits (FPC)

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