HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for casting

R&D and growth in high-performance materials and solutions is the core of our corporate strategy. Our focus is on partnering with our customers to develop and bringing to market sustainable, high value and functional solutions.

One of the innovative applications of our HOSTAPHAN® boPET film is casting. Cast films can be made from various materials like PVC, PVB, Polyurethane and Acrylates (PMMA). Cast films are used in various applications such as screen protection films, wrap films for cars, trains, planes, paint protection (PPF) as well as medical applications and textiles. They are designed for decorative purposes or to give protection from sand and stones, UV exposure, scratches, vandalism and others.

HOSTAPHAN® offers a broad and innovative product portfolio for cast film applications:
  • From highly brilliant to super matte surfaces
  • Siliconised films
  • Wide thicknesses range
Important properties of HOSTAPHAN® films for casting applications are:
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical stability
  • Excellent release properties
  • High thermal resistance
  • Outstanding UV-transmission
  • Homogeneous topography
Typical applications:
  • Screen protection films
  • Wrap films for cars, trains and planes
  • Medical applications like patches
  • Textiles for example sport jersey shirts
  • Paint protection film (PPF)
  • Safety glass

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