Film packaging is ideal for packaging food safely and in a way that is optimized for the application.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for metallisation

Metallisation is the coating of a material (e.g. film or paper) with a thin metal layer by a high vacuum process.

In packaging, metallisation plays an important role due to the good barrier effect. The goal is to protect the package contents from external influences and keep the aromas inside the package. This is achieved through metallised HOSTAPHAN® types that achieve excellent barriers to air, water vapour, oxygen and aromas.

Metallization is the coating of a material with a thin metal layer in a high vacuum process.

HOSTAPHAN® films offer inherently good barrier properties and are usually used in metallised form in duplex or triplex laminates.

Metallised HOSTAPHAN® films offer these advantages:
  • excellent barrier
  • good metal adhesion
  • high temperature resistance
  • good mechanical strength
  • brilliant appearance
Typical applications:
  • flexible food packaging
  • carton laminates
  • lidding

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