Price increase from March 15th, 2017

February 2017

The prices for all HOSTAPHAN® deliveries will be increased by Euro 0.25/kg as of March 15th, 2017.

This step is necessary as we have been experiencing a significant increase in raw material prices since the end of 2016. Therefore we are forced to make this price adjustment as we cannot absorb any further pressure on margins.

Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers for polyester film and our goal is to maintain this standard in the future. Our market strategy is focused on close partnerships with our customers, a high level of service quality and, above all, innovative and individual polyester film solutions. This we want to demonstrate to you on a daily basis. For this, however, it is necessary that we keep our profitability at a healthy level.

Price increase March 2017