New High Service Temperature Solutions with Superio UT based on PEI

October 2018

SuperioTM UT film is made from polyetherimid (PEI).

Due to its high thermal resistance the film is dimensionally stable until 210°C.

Above the glass transition temperature, 210 °C at SuperioTM UT E and 217 °C at SuperioTM UT F, the mechanical strength of this material starts to decrease.

In combination with excellent chemical resistance, especially good mineral oil resistance at elevated temperatures, the high dielectric strength (breakdown voltage) makes PEI film the ideal material for motor insulation and other demanding applications.

Besides of being the material of choice in electrical insulation for motors, generators and other electrical devices SuperioTM UT is also well suited for the construction of structural parts of airplanes. Key properties are the low flammability and smoke density (natural color material UL 94 VTM-0 classification in 25 and 50 – 250 µm; as well as black SuperioTM UT from 25 to 110 µm film thickness) in combination with the high toughness.

Other applications include solder mask tapes, liners in 3D printing, flexible circuits and the like.

Our polyetherimide film is available in natural color (amber tint) and black in the thickness range from 7 to 350 µm.

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