Hostaphan® FLB – Fluorescent Film

November 2017

Mitsubishi Polyester Film is constantly developing new film types to meet the market needs and requirements of its customers.

One of our latest development is a fluorescent polyester film. This is offered under the brand name Hostaphan® FLB.

Hostaphan® FLB is a clear polyester film with a blue glowing fluorescence. Planned thickness range is 12 to 75 µm.

Excitation wavelength is in the UVA range and emission is in the blue. The blue luminescence is clearly visible under daylight conditions and with commercial black light sources.

The film is suitable for indoors and for limited time outdoors.

Applications include special effect packaging as well as security applications.

Other emission wavelength film with different fluorescent colors is under evaluation.

Interested? For more information please contact our Dr. Holger Kliesch ++ 49 (0)611 962 8772 /