HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for photovoltaics

In the photovoltaic industry, biaxially drawn polyester films are used in backsheets. They contribute significantly to electrical insulation and mechanical stability. To meet various market demands we have developed a range of film types and are a long-standing supplier of the industry. HOSTAPHAN® films can be used in various layer structures as core or outer layer with standard PET films and can also be combined with other polymer films to make hydrolysis stable backsheets.


Because of the great demand for PET backsheets without fluoropolymers, we have also developed a PET film with optimized weatherability. This product offers improved UV stability and UV barrier as well as improved resistance to damp heat.

HOSTAPHAN® films for photovoltaics offer these advantages:
  • improved lifetime vs. standard PET films
  • higher UV stability and UV barrier
  • high degree of whiteness for additional reflection and excellent module appearance
  • contributes to electrical insulation (dielectric strength and partial discharge resistance)
  • good mechanical strength and flexibility
  • homogenous quality
  • environmentally friendly, free of the halogens chlorine, bromine and fluorine
Typical applications:
  • photovoltaic backsheets

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