Thermal transfer printing: ideal for barcodes, tickets, labels, etc.

HOSTAPHAN® polyester films for thermal transfer ribbon

Polyester films are the usual carrier for thermal transfer printing. Printing processes with thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) range from standard TTR, to dye sublimation (dye diffusion thermal transfer, D2T2) and thermal stencil. These applications require high longitudinal strength and heat stability. Our HOSTAPHAN® films are particularly optimized for these requirements.
HOSTAPHAN<sup>®</sup> films are also used in mobile printers.Thermal transfer is indispensable for labels, tickets and receipts.

HOSTAPHAN® films for thermal transfer ribbons offer these advantages:
  • high longitudinal mechanical strength
  • film thickness <4.5 µm possible
  • dimensional stability
  • easy to process and coat
  • heat stability
Typical applications:
  • barcode printing
  • label printing
  • fax printing
  • ticket machines
  • portable printers

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